Farmacutical raw materials

Developent of efective drugs requires the use of a large number of excipients.

Section «Rav Matirials» includes various excipients by composition, functions, applications, and other criteria. All our excipients necessarily correspond to different pharmacopoeias: EP, USP/NF, JP and others.

A list of suggested products includes filers, binders, lubricants, film coatings and many other excipients for production of tablets, capsules, pellets, sachets or other solid dosage forms produced in different ways (direct compression, wet or dry granulation, encapsulation etc.). For production of semi-liquid dosage forms we provide a variety of emulsifiers, stabilizers, solubilizers, preservatives, thickeners, bases and other products for production of ointments, creams and gels. For production of syrups we offer various thickeners, flavors, sweeteners, pH regulators and many others.

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